Enclosures for DIY

Thanks for visiting Landfall Systems where we manufacture custom sized enclosures for the DIY electronics hobbyist.

So what are our custom enclosures all about? The enclosure system is based on a simple extrusion profile that we offer in different sizes. The extrusion is cut to your custom lengths and matched to a top and/or bottom cover plate. We presently have 5 extrusion profiles and other sizes will be created as demand dictates.

April – July 2024 Temporary Closure

Hey everyone! it seems the Dr has cancelled Dave’s travel plans to do some silly surgery that’s going to keep him down for a few months. Okay, it’s not really silly, but Dave doesn’t do well with sitting around being unproductive, so he’s not happy about it. We’ll be unable to take orders until Dave is back up and about, but we’ll get back to it as soon as we can.

Thanks to you all for your continued support and confidence in our products and services. We look forward to supporting the DIY community for years to come – hopefully with minimal interruptions

Kind regards,
Dave & Saer