Tyrell Goetz Stereo 45 Amp Build

by Tyrell Goetz

We built a 3.25” x 15” x 11” chassis for Tyrell. We’ll let Tyrell speak for himself with a few comments about the project. Thought I saw two 45’s per channel, but Tyrell corrected me with a brief description.

“Well, it took a looooooong time to finally get finished, but I thought I would share with you what the enclosure you guys made for me turned into. …The white squares are DC current meters, my old camera couldn't get the exposure right to show the details.

I'm very happy with how the enclosure worked out by the way. I'm surprised you guys aren't more on the DIY radar for amp builders because your product is pretty much the best thing I've found for this use and the price was the most reasonable too.

The transformer enclosures are actually made by Lundahl themselves. We got them from k and k audio which is the same distributor the trannies came from.

The amp is single ended, just one 45 per channel. Both inner tubes are 6by5g damper diodes. Each diode is independent so together they make a full wave rectification bridge. The 45s are driven by Siemens C3g running triode strapped.”