Matt O'Ree's Portable guitar rig

by Matt O'Ree

I used those step drill bits to cut thru the enclosure. They really worked great. I installed a pilot light for a power in indicator, same lamp that is on my amps. Then a powercon input in blue. The gray powercon jack is power out going to my pedal board. That way everything is protected from the power strip which has RF filtering, surge protection, and a diagnostic indicator if there is a bad ground in the venue. Then the small rocker switch is for the LED back lighting that I installed in the back of the rack for low lighting stages to make it safe to make the right connections. The last 2 jacks are 1/4" cliff type jacks so there's no ground issues. Those jack turn my echoplex and my built in tremolo in the bottom amp on and off via pedal.

"Landfall Systems make the best enclosure I've ever seen. Real easy to drill out and work with, but built like a tank! I couldn't of hoped for a better product. Unfortunately we live in a world where we are stunned when someone actually does the job right. Well let me tell you, Landfall goes all the way. No need to look any further for any of your enclosure needs..."

Matt O'Ree
Winner of the King of the Blues Guitar Center Contest


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