Sturdy Enclosures

by Landfall Systems

We’ve received a few questions regarding the strength of our enclosures. Our first response was to stand on top of one and show how there’s no noticeable deflection of the lid. The first picture in this set is of Saer standing on a 2.25” x 17” x 12” enclosure – he weighs about 170 lbs. One of our early prototypes is a 2.25” x 6” x 10” enclosure that we affectionately call “the brick.” Being small and hefty, we’ve joked that it’s stout enough to drive over. So, being the curious sorts that we are, we decided to experiment with this. Not driving over it mind you, but setting it under one wheel of Saer’s Raptor. Curb weight of the truck is about 6,000 lbs., so there’s at least 1,500 lbs. on the enclosure. No dents, no bends, no damage at all. I’m sure we can do this with something larger than a 6” x 10”, but at some size the truck will win. After all, we didn’t design our enclosures for this. We hope this answers the questions.