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Here we share some methods that we've found work really well when cutting holes in our hefty aluminum parts.
Step 1
Using some paper, print or draw your layout. Tip: make the hole center marks as small as possible but still visible. This helps reduce positional errors.
Step 2
Use the Krylon® Easy-Tack™ glue pictured below (or a similar adhesive) to attach the paper to the piece of material that is being worked. This glue is a repositionable adhesive and makes this process simple and clean with no mess. Be sure you let the glue dry on the paper first before placing it on the material.
Step 3
Apply paper with dried glue to the piece being worked. Use a center punch to mark the center of each hole. This will help keep your drill or cutter from drifting. Now drill or cut your holes.
Note 1
See how the material is not damaged by the drilling. The paper protects the surface and is easily removable after completion.
Note 2
For doing odd shaped holes, the pieces can be clamped to a table. The following back piece was clamped, drilled, and then finished with a jigsaw. Note how the piece is not scratched or damaged. The white spots in the corner are glue residue which is easy to remove.