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General assembly

Step 1
Using the provided short screws, loosely attach corner brackets to either the side pieces or the front and back pieces.
Step 2
Attach remaining side pieces or the front and back pieces. Snug all screws. The top and bottom plates fit very snugly so the sides may need slight adjustments for a perfect fit. Small adjustments can be made by loosening the corners and pushing in or out on the faces. Retightening the corners will hold the pieces in place.
Step 3
Attach top, bottom, or corner plates as appropriate.
Note on Corner brackets
These hold the enclosure together. The threads in these brackets were made with a forming tap and, as a result, work best if the screws are inserted from the same side as the tap was. If you look closely at the bracket, one side of the screw hole has a raised lip and one side does not. During assembly, insert the screws into the side that has the raised lip. This is not essential, but makes screw insertion a bit smoother.