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MA-0020 Heat Sink for 2.0” x 2.43” Pete Millett Circuit Boards

by Pete Millet






$45 ea
This is a heat sink assembly designed by Pete Millett for his 2.0” x 2.43” circuit boards. The heat sink works well up to about 10 or 15 watts and is a great way to get the heat out of the chassis. The round part of the heat sink protrudes through the chassis, kind of like a tube, and the assembly mounts to the chassis via 2 holes. The two pieces are bonded together with a thermally conductive adhesive that is almost as conductive as the aluminum itself. The round part that protrudes through the chassis is 40mm in diameter and 45mm tall. A 1-5/8 inch diameter hole in the chassis is just the right size for this. You can also go with a 1-3/4 inch diameter hole which is a more common size and gives you more room to compensate for alignment variations. Of course, standard metric holes 42mm or larger should work fine. The mounting holes in the assembly are 2 inches apart and are tapped for SAE 6-32 screws. See the drawing below for details.

The Heat sink kit comes with a circuit board for prototype or one-off circuits. The board can accommodate up to 8 TO-220 packages which get clipped to the channel. Below are the important board dimensions if you wish to make your own board. The dimensions shown are in inches.
Pete has made PCBs for an A2 driver (MOSFET follower), a linear filament regulator, and a Maida-type HV regulator that fit this heat sink.
See Pete’s site for more information. http://www.pmillett.com/A2_buffer.html

The packaged heat sink kit comes with everything below.

QtyUnitsDescriptionPart #Source
1eaheat sink/Channel Bonded Assembly  
4eaheat sink Clips, TO220532-CLP212PGMouser
4eaThermal Pads, TO220926-1487-NDDigikey
4ea6-32 x 9/16" Screws,SS,Panhead  
4ea#6 Nylon Spacers x 3/8"  
1eaPrototype Circuit Board  
1ea1/4" Spacer for Positioning Transistors  

Until the TO220-specific pads arrive, we are shipping these with 2 larger pads that can be used as-is across two transistors or cut to size.

NOTE: The filament regulator shown in the pictures is not included with the kit.