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Mechanical Drawings

The Simple Single

Here we have the Simple Single and this is where you get to make it yours. Fill out the form below to create your one-off sized enclosure. And remember, everything is 1/8" thick so it's beefy.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the X dimension is the front. Also, the standard screws are silver colored (plain) stainless steel.

Check out the accessories area for optional parts.


Choose the dimensions for the front width and side depth.
The smallest dimension we can safely make is 4 - 1/2 inches and the biggest dimension is 24 inches.
Contact Us if you need something larger.



Next, Choose your parts. This is where you get to choose how your enclosure is configured and if you want extra parts.

If you omit a front or back piece, we will provide brackets for you to attach your own faceplate to the side pieces. They are called "Face Brackets" on the Accessories page. Click here for Face Bracket details.

Optional Bottom Corner Set(s)
Qty of Side Pieces     
Qty of Back Pieces   Qty of Front Pieces  
Qty of Bottom Plates   Qty of Top Plates  

Finally, Choose a finish if you would like one.

 Would you like it finished?
 Brush Price:
 Anodize Price:
 Would you like to replace the standard  screws with black oxide coated screws?
Additional Order Notes